Web Design


Eclectic Ink Web Design, Inc. is versed in creating websites on all of the most popular platforms, such as HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!  and OpenCart. We take great pride in listening to the specific needs and desires a client is looking for in a website. In today’s world, websites are not only ya company’s billboard to the internet, but it is also a very expressive form of art, that portrays the cclient’s image. Eclectic Ink takes this philosophy very seriously. We meet with the client and determine the conceptual elements of the site they have in mind, including but not limited to; page structure, color scheme, special features, etc. We then take this very specific information, and as any artist does, we add our personal “touch” to the design to provide an eye-catching and functional design that the client is sure to be proud of for years to come.