Originally a department of Inked IT Business Solutions, Inc., Eclectic Ink Web Design, Inc. was incorporated in December of 2017 as a way to not only be able to further specialize in web design and online presence, but to also expand the footprint and service offerings of the “Inked IT” family of companies. Eclectic Ink provides a superior “white glove” experience for its clients from the moment of initial contact. Eclectic Ink follows the longstanding philosophy of Inked IT, in that providing a superior product at an affordable price, longstanding relationships will be cultivated with clients. Eclectic Ink, as with all the Inked IT companies, provides services at competitive pricing. This is not due to a deficit of experience or professionalism, etc., but because the primary interest and goal of Inked IT is to build a company-to-company relationship that will ultimately assist you, your company and its employees, etc. in leveraging technology as a way to ensure your company’s success.